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  1. DIY: Streaming to Multiple Destinations - Want to stream to YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch, but don't need a commercial streaming service and don't mind doing a bit of coding? Read on!
  2. AI and Machine Learning Push Video Quality to New Heights - Artificial intelligence and machine learning, along with deep learning and neural networks, are solving OTT challenges from encoding quality to closed captioning.
  3. The Future of HEVC Licensing Is Bleak, Declares MPEG Chairman - Thanks to a fractured HEVC licensing system companies no longer have the financial incentive to innovate, but Leonardo Chiariglione suggests steps to reverse the damage.
  4. Demystifying Live Video: 4 Steps to a Compelling Experience - Creating a live event is a smart way to attract attention, engage an audience, and even make some money. Here's a simple roadmap for live video success.
  5. Wowza's Anthony Lazaro Talks ClearCaster and Pro 1080p Streaming to Facebook Live - Jan Ozer and Wowza's Anthony Lazaro discuss the development, strategy, current features, and product roadmap for the Wowza ClearCaster, including support for professional 1080p streaming to Facebook Live.
  6. Streaming Forum Preview: Broadcaster Streaming Strategies - Hear speakers from Sky, BT, and CenturyLink discuss their organisations' approaches to OTT technologies, including virtualisation, containerisation, micro services, and encoding, as well as their overarching strategies for reaching multiple devices and audiences.
  7. Survey: The Impact of Apple's HEVC Adoption - New Unisphere report indicates that OTT services and other video publishers are making the move to HEVC, but are equally interested in AV1
  8. Commentary: It's Not AV1 vs. HEVC - With Apple joining the Alliance for Open Media, there's been a lot of talk about AV1 vs. HEVC. But we no longer live in an either/or world, and can now give viewers what they want with minimal cost and effort compared to years gone by.
  9. CES '18: The State of the Stream - At CES last week, executives from Disney, Fandango, Amazon, and Oath highlighted the trends pushing streaming video forward. Diversified delivery, engagement, data, and personalization lead the way.
  10. CES '18: What Is Volumetric Video, and Why Should You Care? - Pioneered by Intel, volumetric video differs from traditional VR or 360? video and offers a truly three-dimensional viewing experience.

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  1. IBM Watson Advertising: Traditional Publishing, ‘A Lot of New Data And Technology Assets’: Jeremy Hlavacek
  2. Adobe Advertising Cloud Extends Beyond TubeMogul’s Video Roots
  3. Hearst Digital’s Troy Young On The ‘New Realities’ Of Understanding Consumers, Creating Audiences
  4. Microsoft’s O’Donnell On SSP Buying Decisions
  5. Oath Consolidates DSP Assets, Pursues Creative Ad Formats: CRO John DeVine
  6. Hulu’s Peter Naylor: Reputation And Brand Safety Also Means Budget Safety
  7. Fox Networks’ Meredith Brace: Brands Want Reliable Information, Consumers Want Choices
  8. News Corp’s Uses “Blackout” To Find Ad Fraud
  9. Criteo’s CFO Fouilland: How We Exceeded Expectations
  10. GDPR Will Drive Ad-Tech Consolidation: GroupM’s Glasser

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