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  1. 20 Years of Streaming Media: Looking Back and Looking Ahead - Streaming Media launched during the dot-com bubble, and while some of the early players faded away when their funding ran out, others helped chart the future of the industry.
  2. The Dystopian Era of Streaming Video: How to Survive and Thrive - Yesterday's sci-fi visions of the future are here, so now the real work begins. Video providers need to outsmart the big names or they'll find themselves hunting for scraps.
  3. How to Measure Video Encoding QoE - An insightful new service called Mux Data makes quality of experience monitoring and analysis easy. This illustrated guide explains how to use it when diagnosing problems big and small.
  4. Buyers' Guide to Encoder Appliances - Sometimes software-only solutions just don't cut it. Here's how to understand the tradeoff between hardware and software encoding, and how to select the best appliance when low-latency and delivery matter.
  5. 20 for 20: The Most Important Standards of the Last 20 Years - To celebrate Streaming Media's 20th year, here's an overview of 20 major patents and standards that have impacted the growth of the streaming media industry.
  6. Buyers' Guide to Cloud VOD Encoding - When moving to the cloud, don't let price be the only consideration. This guide explains the different categories for cloud VOD encoding and the features to look for in each.
  7. 20 for 20: The Top Mergers and Acquisitions of the Past 20 Years - Streaming Media has been around for 20 years, and has seen a lot of interesting technologies, opportunities, and business acumen come together.
  8. NAB Roundup: The State of HEVC, AV1, and Proprietary Codecs - H.264 still leads, HEVC is starting to gain traction, and AV1 had its coming-out party. To add to the confusion, other codecs offer alternatives to all three. Jan Ozer makes sense of all the codec news from this year's NAB.
  9. NAB 2018: Bitmovin Talks Codec Comparison Test Findings - Bitmovin's Christian Feldmann talks with Streaming Media's Jan Ozer about the AV1 encoding quality gains the company found in comparison to HEVC
  10. NAB 2018: Mux's Jon Dahl Talks QoE and Mux Video - Mux CEO Jon Dahl talks about the company's QoE flagship QoE product and Mux Video, a new API to video hosting and streaming.

From BeetTV.com

  1. Alphonso’s Upadhyay Brings Planning & Attribution To Local TV Ads
  2. GroupM’s Schwartz: Addressable TV A Growing Complement To Mass Reach
  3. Media Agency Blue 449 Seeks ‘Tighter Connection’ Between Marketing, Business
  4. NBCU In OpenAP Means More Scale, Standardization: Initiative’s Bosetti
  5. Wavemaker Crafting ‘Turnkey And Bite-Sized’ Audience Segments, Creative Iterations
  6. Netflix Raises Raises the Bar for Advertising Supported TV, Dentsu Aegis’ Seiler
  7. Havas’ Ankeney On The Future Of The Media Agency
  8. ‘Complexity Of Change’ Spurred Campbell Soup Global Account Review
  9. Hearts & Science’s Brookbanks On Rebooting Media’s Hiring Culture
  10. Oceans Of Ad Data Failing To Drive Business Growth: ANA’s Liodice

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