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  1. DIY: Live Audio Streaming Using Icecast with FFmpeg - Building on previous DIY articles, this installment will walk you through capturing audio, encoding and packaging with FFmpeg, then playing out through the Icecast server you set up in the last article
  2. Best Practices for Premium Video Streaming, Part 2: Content Preparation - The second installment in a series looking at best practices for delivering premium video content, this piece explores preparing OTT video for delivery over content delivery networks.
  3. The Time to Prepare for Recovery Is Before Video Files Go Missing - Accidentally deleted a crucial video file? The good news is it might still be recoverable. Here are steps to take for recovery and to prevent loss from happening in the future.
  4. Survey: Internet Radio - We're putting together a deep dive into the past, present, and future of internet radio, and we need your help. Take our internet radio survey and enter a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.
  5. Streaming Media West Call for Speakers Now Open - At this year's Streaming Media West in beautiful Huntington Beach, we'll be introducing three new summits focusing on OTT, video engineering, and sports streaming. The deadline for submitting speaking proposals is June 29.
  6. Four New Truths for Disrupting Brand Marketing With Video - Video has never been more important for reaching consumers, and production cycles have never been tighter. Here are four truths to help brands survive and thrive in this new way of working.
  7. Come Together: Streaming in Professional Music Production - Services like Spotify get all the headlines, but there's a not-so-quiet revolution in music production, and low-latency streaming is driving it.
  8. Per-Title Video Encoding: The Time to Get Started Is Now - Now widely available, per-title encoding makes whatever codec publishers are already using more efficient by creating a custom optimized encoding ladder.
  9. Writing Text for Video: Did Someone Say 'Autumn Aided Cap Shins'? - Maybe, but they probably said "automated captions." Creating reliable captions is a challenge, but educational video has a desperate need for it.
  10. Producing and Grading HDR Video: How to Get Started - Although the particular standards may come and go, with the right know-how producers can be ready to turn out high dynamic range video whenever their clients ask for it.

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  1. One Year In, For Oath The Future of Television Is Addressable
  2. New Furious Corp. President Schaffer On Reengineering The Television Industry
  3. How Pork & Mangos Beckon Advertisers To Blockchain: IBM’s Rangaiah
  4. Beet in Cannes: Here’s What’s Happening
  5. Group M’s Schwartz Breaks Down Device Barriers To ‘Holistic’ Media
  6. Combined Video Measurement A ‘Game-Changer’ For Dentsu Aegis
  7. Data-Driven Targeting Promise Becomes Application: 4C Insights’ Gupta
  8. New FreeWheel Research Quantifies The Complexity Of Video Ad Experiences
  9. TV Upfront ‘Still A Good Long-Term Bet’ For Advertisers: OMD’s Geraci
  10. How Data Informs Creative, Changes Lives: TBWA\Chiat\Day’s Reyes

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