Effectiveness of Video for Marketing and Selling – Great Stats

The following statistics highlight video’s effectiveness in marketing and selling, both in terms of results and in terms of organizations’ increasing investment in video.

  • Adding video to email marketing boosts customers’ interaction by as much as 200-300% (Ogilvy Consulting)
  • 44% of survey respondents said they had taken action as a result of a video (Online Publishers’ Association)
  • 49% of people who purchased technology cited online video as “influential collateral” to prepare to make a purchasing decision, up 75% from a year earlier (Eccolo)
  • Brands using online video have seen lifts of anywhere from 20-40% in terms of incremental buying with online video and rich media over other ad forms (Comscore)
  • Videos are 53x more likely than text to appear on the first page of the results (Forrester)
  • US online ad spending on video is expected to grow 40% in 2010. This compares to an expected 6% total growth in ad spending (eMarketer)
  • Although only 39% of companies plan to increase their marketing spend in 2010 versus 2009, 51% plan to spend more on-line video and 44% plan to spend the same amount on it (B-to-B Magazine)
Posted by Chuck Ebbets   @   10 December 2009

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